Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Corn Harvest 2010.

Corn to the West of our house.
a minute later, Collie was passing by on the combine.
Right beside the house.

We started Corn Harvest yesterday (Tuesday, September 7) morning. 
Collie didn't think it would be dry enough, but they are having pretty good luck so far.

These pictures aren't the best, but I looked out my back door and saw the Combine coming around the corner.  So I grabbed my camera to take a few pictures. 

You can kind of see the clouds moving in.  
We are supposed to get a very heavy rain starting tomorrow. 
They are calling for 1-3 inches.  It is the left overs from Hurricane Hermine. 
This will probably put a hault to corn harvest for a few days.
We are very happy we were able to get started!
Kind of like waiting for a pot to boil. . .waiting for the corn to dry!

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