Friday, August 27, 2010


It certainly has been a crazy summer around Burgess Farms.
But then it usually is pretty chaotic

We have been seeing a lot of these clouds this summer.  Though, this was taken last week.
That is the famous barn to the West of our house.  
I think I take lots of pictures of it, because you can see it right out of my back door!

The River has remained high all summer. . .since the beginning of June.
We spent most of June and part of July holding our breaths, wondering if the River would get out.
Collie and Gary moved all of the equipment out of the bottoms twice.  And packed up the shop and outside builidings and stuff. 
I had a trailer parked at the house most of the Summer as well.  
Luckily, we never had to fill it.
I guess the bright side is, Spring (or Summer) cleaning is always needed!

We did have a busy cantaloupe season.  Though, we didn't actually sell as many as normal, what we did have was good.  We spent a lot of time throwing cantaloupe away.  Basically because of all the rain.

It seems like we have fought lots of things this summer.  Rain, Wind, Lightening, Cold, Heat.

But then who would expect perfect farming conditions?

Collie and Gary have been getting all of the equipment ready for Harvest.  It will be here soon!

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