Thursday, October 24, 2013

Farm view from above.

Well it seems I have a lot of catching up to do. 
My Alaskan relatives came to visit in May and took us for a ride in their little four seater plane.  They are pilots by profession or else I might have been just a wee bit nervous.

This picture was taken from the plane as we passed over our old house.  Even though this house was a tiny, one-bedroom with no closets, no space, and no privacy. . . I must say I do miss living here.  We are only a couple of miles away now, but it was so nice to live in the middle of all the action. I do love our new house so much, but lots of memories were made at the old one!

This is the shop area. . .we had fun circling it and waiving at everyone!

This picture was taken from the plane as well!  My cousin thoroughly enjoyed buzzing Collie and Bill and probably giving them a heart attack!  I wish I could have heard the words Bill used when we buzzed him.  Well, maybe I don't.  Knowing Bill, I am sure they were not nice words.

And my two cute co-riders. This was Bradys first trip in a plane.  When he saw how small it was, he became very nervous.  But as soon as we were in the air. . .he was having the time of his life! We flew over their school, Walmart, their Grandparent's house, and other fun places!  They had fun recognizing them and seeing them from the air!

I was really mad at myself when I realized I had forgotten my nice camera.  I used my phone to take these photos. . .and many more. . .and they really didn't turn out bad for phone pictures!

Thanks Seth for the fabulous ride! 

Monday, March 28, 2011

New Tractor.

Our new tractor came last week!  Brady was so excited to check it out!
Here Collie is working ground with it next to the house.  See how green the wheat is getting?  It is nice to see some color around besides brown!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Clean Up.

December 30, 2010.  Just some clean up pictures on Bell Farm just east of the shop.  
The top picture is of Gary, Brady, and Bill.  Bill is definitely one of a kind.  

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The final days of winter...hopefully.

Brady enjoying the snow.
the view of our neighbor's house. . .most of the time during the storm, you couldn't see their house.

We had some very high drifts after the storm was over, but at least the sun was shining!

We've had a whole lot of winter around here and we are very ready for spring!  Here a few pictures of before and after the blizzard we had in February.  The Farmer's Almanac calls that blizzard a Decade Storm.  And according to rumor, we are supposed to get a Century Storm in March.  I hope this information is not true, because we are ready for the farming to begin!

The Crop insurance date is fast approaching.  In my next post, I will try and explain a little bit about Crop Insurance.  

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ditch Digging

These photos were taken on October 26, just to the west of the shop on the north side of the road. 
 On Bell Farm.  

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hurricane Ditcher

Here are pictures from this weekend of Collie on the Hurricane Ditcher.  

Harvest has been over for a couple of weeks.
We were lucky to have nice weather for most of harvest.  A change from the rest of the season!  Now Collie and Gary are doing lots of farm maintenance, with the excavator, bulldozer, and this Hurricane Ditcher shown above!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Corn Harvest 2010.

Corn to the West of our house.
a minute later, Collie was passing by on the combine.
Right beside the house.

We started Corn Harvest yesterday (Tuesday, September 7) morning. 
Collie didn't think it would be dry enough, but they are having pretty good luck so far.

These pictures aren't the best, but I looked out my back door and saw the Combine coming around the corner.  So I grabbed my camera to take a few pictures. 

You can kind of see the clouds moving in.  
We are supposed to get a very heavy rain starting tomorrow. 
They are calling for 1-3 inches.  It is the left overs from Hurricane Hermine. 
This will probably put a hault to corn harvest for a few days.
We are very happy we were able to get started!
Kind of like waiting for a pot to boil. . .waiting for the corn to dry!