Friday, April 9, 2010

An Update. . .

Harvest 2009. . .Collie on the combine

Gary waiting by the truck

The barn west of our house.  I love taking pictures of this barn for some reason!

Much to my excitement, I received a new camera for Christmas. . . so now I just need to learn how to use it properly!  The above picture was taken on Christmas Day through the kitchen window at Nancy and Gary's house.  The Cardinals looked like little Christmas ornaments.

This was taken Christmas Night from our back door.  The wind and snow were blowing so hard.  I'm not sure I have ever experienced anything quite like it!

And this was taken this winter. . .we had freezing fog.   Something else I don't remember ever experiencing.  It looked like everything was dipped in snow.  It was actually very pretty.  

The Anhydrous is being applied as I type. . . and is probably just about finished.  On to planting time!  

Nancy and I planted Cantaloupe in the greenhouse today.  It was such a beautiful day!