Friday, July 31, 2009

Cantaloupe Season is underway. . .

Our life is pretty hectic right now with melon season in full-swing! It has been a little too cool and wet for our melon crop to be producing as much as normal, but the cantaloupe are still very good! We haven't picked any watermelon yet, but we will be very soon! I don't have my camera with me much while we are picking. . . .but I did manage a few pictures from the other day!

Brady sure does love cantaloupe!

Brady enjoying some Cantaloupe. . .

Collie and Brady bringing wagons of Cantaloupe out of the field with the Kubota. . . I am surprised Brady didn't talk his Dad into letting him drive!

Here are some cantaloupe loaded onto our truck. . .ready for market!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

We're being invaded. . .

Actually, the plane came to our rescue!! Japanese Beetles have invaded our farm and this plane is helping to eradicate them!!! It was amazing to watch. . .and a little bit scary!! They flew right over our house. . .it felt like if I reached out the upstairs window I could touch the plane!!!

Anyway, the corn seems to be saved. However, all of the Elm trees in our yard are quite bare at the moment. The beetles have eaten ALL of the leaves off of them. It looks like fall! And the ground is covered with leaf skeletons and Japanese Beetle droppings. How nice!!! At least the Elm will regrow it's leaves rather quickly! (as we learned from the previous two years!)

The corn is absolutely beautiful and SO tall. We now have a complete privacy fence around our home. Corn on all sides!! The beans are gorgeous too!!! Even with all of the rain, things look rather good!! Even the produce!!! Though, we have been on weed control pretty heavy in the melons and pumpkins for the past week or so! At least the last couple of days have been absolutely gorgeous--perfect weather for working outside!!

I will have to do a better job on taking pictures and posting them!! We knew life would get crazy around here and it would be hard to find time to update as much as we would like.