Thursday, October 24, 2013

Farm view from above.

Well it seems I have a lot of catching up to do. 
My Alaskan relatives came to visit in May and took us for a ride in their little four seater plane.  They are pilots by profession or else I might have been just a wee bit nervous.

This picture was taken from the plane as we passed over our old house.  Even though this house was a tiny, one-bedroom with no closets, no space, and no privacy. . . I must say I do miss living here.  We are only a couple of miles away now, but it was so nice to live in the middle of all the action. I do love our new house so much, but lots of memories were made at the old one!

This is the shop area. . .we had fun circling it and waiving at everyone!

This picture was taken from the plane as well!  My cousin thoroughly enjoyed buzzing Collie and Bill and probably giving them a heart attack!  I wish I could have heard the words Bill used when we buzzed him.  Well, maybe I don't.  Knowing Bill, I am sure they were not nice words.

And my two cute co-riders. This was Bradys first trip in a plane.  When he saw how small it was, he became very nervous.  But as soon as we were in the air. . .he was having the time of his life! We flew over their school, Walmart, their Grandparent's house, and other fun places!  They had fun recognizing them and seeing them from the air!

I was really mad at myself when I realized I had forgotten my nice camera.  I used my phone to take these photos. . .and many more. . .and they really didn't turn out bad for phone pictures!

Thanks Seth for the fabulous ride! 

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