Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Not another record. . .

But Nancy's Pumpkin was the largest grown in Missouri this year!! It was 1,012 pounds. . . she was tickled to death to have her pumpkin over 1,000 pounds. . . BUT she received second place at the Pumpkin weigh-off in Republic, MO last weekend. A guy brought his 1,060 pound pumpkin in from the Chicago area to beat Nancy. She can still lay claim to the largest pumpkin in Missouri though!!! Can't set a record every year. . . but she is happy to have grown a pumpkin over 1,000 pounds. . .a definite feat in itself!!!

As for Harvest. . . hopefully I will post some pictures soon. It has been going pretty well. We have been harvesting both corn and beans. The combine did break down last week and took a few days before we were back in the field. We brought in a second combine to help us along while our combine was being fixed.

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